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    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the San Francisco Young Democrats! Your dues go towards supporting our meetings and events, and fund our efforts to strengthen young people's voices in Democratic politics.

    Paying dues also makes you eligible to cast a ballot in SFYD endorsement votes for a year, as long as you have attended at least one meeting in the preceding 12 months. Certain large events, such as our annual trip to the California Democratic Convention, are also discounted for dues-paying members.

    Please note that, per our bylaws, you must be between 14 and 35 years old, a registered Democrat, and live or work in San Francisco in order to be a voting member. However, everyone is welcome to come to our meetings and events! If you are simply interested in donating, please see the donation page.


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    Whether you're a member or not, the email list is a great start to getting involved in the club and San Francisco politics. You'll get reminders about general membership meetings, and info about events the club and other Democratic organizations in the city are hosting.

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    Our club can’t do the work of representing young people in San Francisco without support. Your donation helps us host events and campaign for important elections and causes in the city.


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