SFYD November 2016 Endorsements

The voting membership of SFYD has endorsed these candidates and measures for the November 8, 2016 election:


U.S. Senate 
Kamala Harris


CA State Senate District 11 
Scott Wiener 

CA State Assembly, District 17 
David Chiu 

CA State Assembly, District 19 
Phil Ting 

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SFYD 2015 Ballot Initiative Endorsements

San Francisco Young Democrats (SFYD) Makes Ballot Measure Endorsements Ahead of November Elections

San Francisco, CA – August 13th, 2015 – Yesterday, members of the San Francisco Young Democrats voted on which ballot initiatives to endorse for the election in November. Over 100 members showed up to hear from supporters and opponents of this years eleven ballot initiatives. Passions were high as San Francisco pols came out to push for their vision of the city's future.

SFYD endorsed the affordable housing bond, but rejected both the Mission Moratorium and the proposed regulations of short-term residential rentals.  The ballot initiative positions are:





General Obligation Bond - Affordable Housing - $310M



Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees



Expenditure Lobbyists Ordinance



Mission Rock



Requirements For Public Meetings of Local Policy Bodies



Short-Term Residential Rentals



Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy



Clean Energy Right to Know Act



Mission District Housing Moratorium



Establishing the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund



Surplus City Property Ordinance


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SFYD 2015 Candidate Endorsements

San Francisco, CA – July 30, 2015 – This week, the San Francisco Young Democrats voted on which candidates the club would endorse in San Francisco’s November election.  Over 100 members turned out to hear from 13 candidates and campaigns.  Sign holding supporters for some of the hotly contested races were easy to spot at Infusion Lounge where the event took place. The turnout was particularly robust considering SFYD isn’t taking positions on hot-button topics like the Mission moratorium or Airbnb until the club’s August meeting.


SFYD endorsed for Mayor, District 3 Supervisor, Sheriff, District Attorney, City Treasurer and Tax Collector, City Attorney, and City College Board.  The endorsed candidates are:


Mayor: Ed Lee*

District 3 Supervisor: Julie Christensen*

Sheriff: Vicki Hennessy

District Attorney: George Gascon*

City Treasurer and Tax Collector: Jose Cisneros*

City Attorney: Dennis Herrera*

City College Board: Alex Randolph*


*Denotes incumbent


“Our meeting showed the level of engagement our membership has and their commitment to help shape the future of our City”, said Diane Le, President of SFYD. “There is a lot at stake in this election and with low-turnout expected, clubs like SFYD have the potential to make a huge difference for our endorsed candidates by getting out there and getting to work.”


SFYD has been an active supporter of its endorsed candidates in past races.  SFYD’s support often includes direct mail slate cards promoting the candidates, fundraising, and executing grassroots organizing by phone banking and canvassing door-to-door. 

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FAQS: Endorsements and Approval Voting

Welcome to the San Francisco Young Democrats General Election Endorsement Meeting. Whether this is your first endorsement meeting or your 100th, it always helps to review the basics. Here is a one-pager describing today’s meeting.


Q: Which races are we voting on today?

A: In November 2015, the following offices are up for election:

  • Mayor of San Francisco

  • San Francisco District Attorney

  • San Francisco Treasurer

  • San Francisco County Board of Supervisors - District 3

  • San Francisco Community College Board (1 seat)

  • San Francisco City Attorney

  • San Francisco County Sheriff.


Q: Great, what do I need to do to be eligible to vote?

A: According to our bylaws (, you are a member in good standing if:

  • You have paid your annual dues,

  • You have attended a meeting (or eligible event) in the last year, and

  • You attend the endorsement meeting.


Q: I don’t remember if I paid my dues. Can I pay them at tonight’s meeting?

A: Yes, you can pay your dues at tonight’s meeting.


Q: I don’t remember if I attended an eligible event within the last year. Can I still vote?

A: Our Membership team will check our records and we will help determine if you are eligible.


Q: I can’t make it. Can someone else vote in my stead?

A: SFYD Bylaws require physical attendance at the meeting.


Q: Ok, I’m attending the meeting. I’m really passionate about politics, but work has been really tough lately. I’m not familiar with the candidates. Will they be speaking at all?

A: Yes, some of the candidates will be speaking at the endorsement meeting. They will make brief statements. Depending on time, there may be a Q&A session with the candidates, though there is no guarantee.


Q: When are ballots due?

A: Ballots are due by 8:30pm the night of endorsements.


Q: Ok, I’ve forgotten now, what is this “approval voting” stuff?

A: Approval voting may be different from the voting you are used to (like when voting for President of the United States). Under approval voting, you are allowed as many votes as you like for each office. Each vote is your way of “approving” of the candidate. Candidates that pass our threshold (50% + 1 of the total number of ballots) may be endorsed (see below).


Q: So, if I can vote for more than one candidate, more than one candidate might get 50% + 1 votes. In that case, do they both get the endorsement?

A: It depends on the type of race.


Single Seat, Single Choice Race (e.g. Mayor)

If more than one candidate passes the endorsement threshold (50%+1), the Club will endorse whomever received more votes. If they receive the same number of votes, the Club will endorse them both.


Single Seat, Multiple Choice Race

Since these races allow for more than one choice on the ballot, the Club may issue preferential endorsements, i.e. we endorse Candidate X first, then Candidate Y, then Candidate Z.


If more than one candidate passes the endorsement threshold (50%+1), the Club will issue endorsements in the order of which candidates received the most votes. If there are more candidates than ballot choices, the Club will only endorse for the number of ballot choices, eliminating the candidates with the fewest votes. If candidates tie, they will both receive an (unranked) endorsement. If candidates tie for the final choice, then they will both be eliminated.

Multiple Seat, Multiple Choice Race

These races work the same as Single Seat, Multiple Choice races, except the Club will not rank the endorsed seats.


If more than one candidate passes the endorsement threshold (50%+1), the Club will endorse those candidates. If there are more candidates than seats, the Club will only endorse for the number of seats, eliminating the candidates with the fewest votes. If candidates tie, they will both receive an endorsement. If candidates tie for the final seat, then they will both be eliminated.


Q: Woah, that’s a lot. Is there a PowerPoint that might explain this better (perhaps with a throwback to a thorny election..)?

A: Umm, yes, of course - click here!


Q: Now, I look at all these candidates and there just isn’t anyone that really speaks to my issues. I don’t want to throw away my ballot - how can I make sure that my voice is heard?

A: We hear you. Vote “No Recommendation” and make sure to submit your ballot so it is counted. The Club can always decide to not make a recommendation for any (or all) of the races.


Q: What about ballot initiatives?

A: Stay tuned. We will be holding that endorsement meeting soon.

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California Democratic Assembly District Delegate Elections

Next week, the California Democratic Party will be holding elections for local Assembly District Delegates. Fourteen people (seven men and seven women) from each Assembly District will be elected to represent their district for the 2015 and 2016 State Conventions. There are a number of Young Democrats running in San Francisco, so make sure to go to your local Assembly District Election Meeting, and ensure Young Democrats are well-represented in our state party!

Note that you don’t have to stay for the whole election meeting to vote.

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