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Internal VP/Membership Chair: Ian Blue
Membership Vice Chair: Paul Murre

The Membership Committee maintains the Club’s list of members, meeting attendees and tracks membership dues. This committee also develops and carries out strategies and events related to the preservation of the Club’s current membership as well as recruitment of new members into the organization.



External VP/Events Chair: Lila Carrillo Rodriguez
Events Vice Chair: Nicole Lindler

The Events Committee plans and organizes events for the club and its membership.  



Communications Chair: Kyle Smeallie
Communications Vice Chair: Lia Azul Salaverry

The Communications Committee maintains the Club’s website and social media presence, develops and distributes e-newsletters and produces all press releases for the Club.



Chair: Matt Herrick
Vice Chair: Woody Hooten

The Finance Committee coordinates all Club fundraising efforts and monitors all expenditures and banking records.


Issues and Actions

Issues & Actions Chair: TBD
Issues & Actions Vice Chair: Jewel Conrad
Issues & Actions Vice Chair: Erin Mundy

The Issues and Actions Committee creates a roadmap for carrying out the political objectives of SFYD, including endorsements, campaign mobilizations and action days. The committee also provides minimal research on candidates for possible endorsements and supplies the Club with pertinent information about their backgrounds and positions.



Rules Chair: Alex Karjeker

The Rules Committee ensures that the club understands and follows its bylaws and all applicable election laws. The rules chair is also the parliamentarian for the board.


Community Activism

Community Activism Chair: Rachel Reis