San Francisco Young Democrats
June 3, 2014 Primary Endorsement Slate

The San Francisco Young Democrats endeavor to stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs, increase the efficiency of our government, maintain the viability of our free institutions and contribute to the growth and influence of the ideals and philosophies of the Democratic Party.

The voting membership of SFYD has endorsed the following candidates for local and state-wide office. We encourage you to find out more by tappingclicking their pictures, and to support these candidates to help ensure young San Franciscans are well-represented in our city and Sacramento!

Jerry Brown

Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor

Betty Yee

John Chiang

Kamala Harris
Attorney General

Dave Jones
Insurance Commissioner

Fiona Ma
State Board of Equalization District 2

Tom Torlakson
Superintendent of Public Education

David Campos
Assembly District 17

Phil Ting
Assembly District 19

No On B
Don't B Fooled