Political Dodgeball: SF Young Democrats vs. Young Republicans

Burr-Hamilton. Hayes-Tilden. Bush-Gore. Our country has seen its fair share of hotly contested –and oft ugly—political battles, but all pale in comparison to this year’s San Francisco Political Dodgeball Tournament. No mudslinging, no smear campaigns, no leaflets, no god-awful television spots and certainly no debates or elections will be found here. This ideological clash will be decided by what truly matters: brute force, dexterity and dodgeballs.

Come join us as the young stars of San Francisco politics take aim at each other; building cross-party bridges through bruises, black eyes and post-game fraternization. 

Grab 6 - 10 of your friends and $50 and join us Saturday July 27th at Margaret Hayward Playground. See below for details: 

What: 2013 San Francisco Democrat vs. Republican Dodgeball Tournament
When: Saturday July 27th, 1-3pm
Where: Margaret Hayward Playground (Golden Gate Ave and Laguna)
Why: To determine, once-and-for-all, which side of the political spectrum is better at a throwing and dodging small plastic balls.
Who: San Francisco Young Democrats, San Francisco Young Republicans and other awesome clubs!
How: Reply with your RSVP, and send in a check for $50

There are 2 parking garages close by!
1. Place to Park 750 Golden Gate between Franklin and Gough. Rate is $5.00 a day
2. American West Parking Service 494 Grove Street between Gough and Octavia Rate is $10.00

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