SFYD Social Media Guidelines

Above all, SFYD’s communications, via social channels or otherwise, are meant to be honest and fair. We won’t ever post anything we would be afraid for Mom to see.

We try our very best to respond to questions within 72 hours. We will also communicate that we’re working on something when we see an inquiry or comment that warrants a response.

If a post is positive or negative and in context to the conversation, then it can be approved, regardless of whether it’s favorable or unfavorable to SFYD or the causes in which we support. But if the content is offensive, denigrating, and/or completely out of context, the post will be removed.

Content Contributors:

Remember, if you’re online, you’re on the record—everything online is public and searchable. And what you write is ultimately your responsibility.

Never post classified or confidential information. If you’re unsure, check with the SFYD board.

Don't slam the competition. Cheeky or playful ribbing based on facts is fine. But remember that anything you publish must be true and not misleading, and all claims must be substantiated and approved.

There are millions of statements posted on Facebook every day—make SFYD’s helpful and thought-provoking. Build community by posting content that invites responses—then stay engaged. You can also enrich and expand the conversation by citing other organizations and people who are relevant to the same topic.

Keep it light.There can be a fine line between healthy debate and incendiary reaction. Try to frame what you write to invite differing points of view without inflaming others.

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