Vote on It

Nearly every year is an election year in San Francisco. Between local ballot measures, municipal offices, and state and federal elections, it is always important to stay informed. Click here to check out the details of San Francisco’s upcoming elections! A quick peek at what’s to come:

2019: Municipal Elections

2020: June Primary and November General (Federal-State-Local)

In the months preceding elections, SFYD’s PAC carefully researches candidates and ballot measures that will be on the ballot. A board recommendation is made where 60% of the body votes to do so. These recommendations, in tandem with presentations from candidates and both sides of every issue, are provided to the membership. 50% + 1 is required to render an SFYD club endorsement.

Voter Registration

Voting is the cornerstone of democracy but sadly far too few people vote. The more people who vote, the healthier the political system. Who votes has a powerful impact on public policy and government. Communities or neighborhoods that do not turn out to vote are more easily overlooked.

SFYD will set up registration tables at Sunday Streets, festivals, parades and major events. We will also partner with other democratic clubs to canvas in underrepresented neighborhoods and in swing districts.

Check our Events page for upcoming events.