About SFYD

San Francisco Young Democrats leads the nation in progressive political values. We represent the issues of young people through activism, outreach and endorsements. Do you live or work in SF? Get involved now!

Change starts at the local level. Real, actionable, and meaningful change happens when citizens rise up and work together to advance their values.

“What changes a room can change a city. What changes a city can change a state. What changes a state can change a nation. And what changes a nation can change the world.
- President Barack Obama

We are the rising tide in the United States!

SFYD Fast Facts

  • With hundreds of members, SFYD is the largest Young Dems club in the state and the largest Democratic clubs in our city.

  • SFYD is a flagship chapter under the statewide org and the California Young Democrats (CYD), which is part of the Young Democrats of America (YDA). We are also chartered with the SF Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC).

  • In the past three years, the California Young Democrats have honored SFYD with an award each year: Man of the Year (2014), Woman of the Year (2015), and Chapter of the Year (2016).

  • Our members are: county supervisors, legislative aids, non-profit leadership and staff, members of the school board, members of the CCSF Board of Trustees, members of the UC Board of Regents; members of the DCCC, members of the tech community; communication specialists, lawyers, students, political operatives.


Our Next Meeting

Check back soon for info about our next meeting!

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